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  • Glena Smith
    Apr, 24 2019
    Terrible service, bad, bad, bad! They should not allow them to work. They have students and not registered physician working there.... If I could not to give any star, I would!
  • Bernadette Cusack
    Apr, 24 2019
    Not friendly to agency nurses. I worked there for a weekend (had never been there before) with an open ER and no regular staff. The PCH side had one nurse for 36 patients! The staff member that was mandated to stay an extra shift was very angry abo...
  • Vincent Palayoor
    Apr, 24 2019
    Currently undergoing therapy for my shoulder and elbow. Trusted & professional therapists and aided by very charming & knowledgeable assistants. My third time in the last 7 years. The first was the most painful, hence most rewarding in the end. i...
  • Paul Peele
    Apr, 24 2019
    I had an xray to find out about a possible stress fracture in my right foot. A couple weeks later I asked to see the results. They flatly refused to share any results with me the patient. I was told that only my doctor could access any info they had...
  • Kamala Khan
    Apr, 24 2019
    Did not appreciate the appointment I had with her at all. My appointment ran late and she did not make any efforts to run further tests to find the source of my pain. Please do yourselves a favor and ask your family doctor to have the referral of ano...
  • George Daly
    Apr, 24 2019
    Fresh produce department sets Superstore apart from others. Still the most economical place to buy our groceries. PC brand highly trustworthy and good value for $. I like their Asian clientele. They're so friendly and fun to talk to.

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